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Default Taslima Nasreen attacked in Hyderabad

Taslima Nasreen attacked in Hyderabad

An unruly crowd attacked controversial writer Taslima Nasreen at the Hyderabad Press club in India Thursday. Three MLAs of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen or MIM were among those who attacked her with bouquets, flowerpots and virtually anything they could lay their hands on. The MLAs were detained after the incident. Taslima was heckled and hemmed in by MIM activists who also sloganeered against her. No injuries have been reported so far. TIMES NOW spoke to Akhtar Khan, one of the MLAs of MIM who fiercely protected their move of attacking the author. "She is enemy of Islam, she is a black spot on Muslims," lashed out a defiant Khan. "We cannot bear anyone talking against Islam. She has written books against our government, Islam. We will not tolerate her in Hyderabad". - source
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