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Default bird flu

i'm afraid that bird flu has become more dangerous that it actually was!! the virus can now be transmitted from human to human.. at least that's what i've understood when i read about bird flu at []
As the migratory birds continue to spread the avian flu virus throughout the world, your common lifestyle could endanger you. Maybe you should wonder whether you really are prepared in case of a new pandemic.

For example, Dr Iea Longini, a well known biostatistician warns keen travelers that they should avoid travelling by air, because “Aero planes re-circulate air which is ideal for spreading a flu virus throughout the whole cabin.”

Dr John Treanor, a researcher of the bird flu vaccine warns both students and teachers that spending your time in a place where lots of people crowd together increases the risk of being infected.
Parents should know that “children are the major transmitters” – according to Longini. Therefore the most exposed individuals are parents as well as teachers.

Lamb also warns us against using any means of public transport because “Anytime people start coughing or sneezing close by, risk of transmission rises.”

Unfortunately, even the most innocent handshake or close indoor seating’s have made churches , mosques and synagogues dangerous places to be in. “Congregating in one room is undoubtedly the way to spread infection,” says Dr Robert Lamb.

Because indoor sports games is an easy way of getting more people infected , most of these sports events might be cancelled if a pandemic is triggered. However, watching the game at a bar, in front of a huge TV screen while surrounded by lots of other people is not a good idea either.

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