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What a load of B$%^^&!! - Chris Tremlett and Ravi Bopara? on what merit? what have they done?

Lets do a quick breakdown of their stats and see what they've done in the last year.

Chris Tremlett - lets look at his stats:


In the 3 tests hes played this year he hasnt done too bad but he didnt have any match winning performances.

*Lords test - took 4 wickets was unable to bowl India out, would have if not for the rain.

*Nottingham test - took 3 wickets 1st innings after India made almost 500 then took 3 wickets when India were chasing. This was his best match performance wise 6 wickets and was the only match they lost.

*Oval test - only took 3 wickets in 55 overs - India scored scored over 800 runs.

averaging 29.6 with 13 wickets in 3 tests.


This is the format in which he has excelled at this year. Hes played 5 matches and took 3 wickets @ an average of 94.6 with an economy rate of 6.2. Wow thats impressive. ICC must be really short on the emerging player list if hes one of em.

Ravi Bopara - lets look at his stats:


Well hes only featured in the short format of the game. So hes supposed to be an all rounder yeah?

well hes only bowled 22 overs in the 12 games hes played. Take out the game against Canada in the WC in which he racked up an amazing 9 overs hes only bowled 13 overs in 11 games. Thats 7 balls per game!! all rounder? hes only took 3 wickets in the 12 games hes played and once again you take out that Canada game in which he took 2 wickets hes left with only 1 wicket (which he took in his 1st game).

So now were assuming hes only in for his batting. well lets take a look.

10 innings 199 runs @ 28.4!! scoring just one 50 wow this guy has taken every team apart. Watch out world cricket Bopara's gonna get you!!

It gets me real angry when ECB sorry ICC do anything to get their own in. Ian Bell had a good year last year but did not deserve to win it - most his centuries came against a Pakistan bowling attack without gul,asif and shoaib.
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