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watched quite a few movies on holiday-on the 12 hour flight and at the hotel in the evening.

Spiderman 3- fairly good not as good as the first 2, but exciting- too mnay plots anbd characters in my opnion.

Mr Bean's Holiday- LMAO!!! Rowan Atkinson what a legend!!! it was funny and enjoyable

Shrek 3- surprisingly funny and enjoyable- it was reli good ( hey 12 hours is a long time- i thought i wud watch it even if my lil sis was watchin wiv me....)

Dhoom 2- crap! didnt like it- basically a brown hollywood film- it isnt a bollywood film end of story- songs were nice and lots of action but overdid it.

X-men 2- lol i watched this half way thru- didint make sense to me obviously. havent watched the first one- it was funny watching Vinnie Jones!!!

Dont know name- but a film with Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) about teacher teaching difficult children-nice film, very touching
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