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Default New Slogout versions are out! plus thread for joining my slogout tournament

There are 2 new Slogout versions out on! The first one is Just Slogout which is trying to get as many runs as you can get in the alloted overs without having to worry about an opponents score. The other version is Slogout classic which is the original but the only difference is that the bowlers are better and you can actually play with Nazimuddin! I am starting a Just Slogout tournament due to the forum being a little slow lately since not much cricket is going on except for Twenty20's.
Rules for tournament:
1. 8 team tournament
2. All matches start at 9 PM U.S. Eastern time
3. You must play the Just Slogout version of Slogout
4. When picking the amount of overs, choose 10 overs
5. You must play with Bangladesh and your opposition must be West Indies.
6. when choosing the ground, choose Lord's.
7. Submit your score in the Tournament thread which will be opened as soon as I get enough members to join the tournament.
8. I don't know how to check if the score you post is correct but have some integrity and post your actual score.
9. NO improving your score.

Applying for joining the tournament
You must be able to say yes to all three of these questions to be considered:
1. Will you be able to play the tournament at 9 PM U.S. Eastern time?
2. Can you confirm that you will be able to participate in this tournament unless an absolute emergency occurs?
3. Will you post your actual score and not be a cheater?

Anyone can apply.
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