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Default College Football - 2007/08

With USC, O'khalamma (Oklahoma), LSU flexing their muscles can Florida copy their Basketball program? That is repeat in College Football too?

Other contenders like Ohio State, Oregon, Cal's week 1 performance just shows they are not out of the picture as of yet.

Week 1 has already finished and we have upset of the century already? A national title contender out going coach (who already has won a national title) lost to a Division I - AA school? First time in the college football history a top 25 team lost let alone a top 5 team. Yes, Michigan, as esteemed program lost to Appalachian State 32-34. Lloyd Carr, the coach wants to start the season from scratch. Only to face an improved Oregon team who are vying for respect themselves.

Texas got a scare. Only a forth quarter penalty saved them similar fate against Arkansas State (one of the bottom teams in Sun-belt Conference).

Georgia Tech just manhandled Over rated Notre Dame at south bend. 33-3. The race cards plays a big role. The worst loss in the History of Notre Dame in the opening game. Mike Willingham (Black) previous coach was out the door for having a 7 win season. I wonder why Charlie Wise is facing a different music. No one is yet to say that he is even on the hot seat. Funny world.

Heisman race is on. D-Mac started on the right note. Running for 151 yards and a touchdown and also throwing for a score. Averaged 6.3 Yards a carry. His Homeboy, sharing the back field Felix Jones had 129 yards in 12 carries averaging 10+. He also scored on a kick off return. Now that is the impressive back field duel that we have seen for quite some time in any team history. Yes, it was against Troy (45-26). However, the SEC would feel their presence in coming weeks. Go Hogs.

FSU (dad) lost to Clemson (son). Bowden family is back to sharing information on other teams.

Other notable games:
Mighty Tennessee lost to Cal. That was revenge game for Cal. 31-45
Auburn beat Kansas State. 23-13
Georgia finished off Oklahoma State. 35 -14.
Rutgars, Louiville, LSU, Penn State, Boise State, Florida, Michigan State, W Virginia, UCLA, Nebraska, Kentucky, Hawaii, Vanderbilt, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Kansas, Alabama, Arizona State won big. For most of the big names, the opponents were little known schools. Another two weeks and the real matches start (conference games).
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