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Tamim: Should not be in the final squad. enough is enough. Junaed should replace him.

Ash: Ekbar nazimer dike takaya dekh, bachcha pola kemne khele. Na takaleo problem nai, fault to ar to na, all blame is on low quality Scottish attack. Nanna Munna scot polara bowling er ABC i jane na. What our Ash can do? He can't play if the attack is below par

Aftab: A high school math teacher once said to us: "Gunda jodi hosh, tahole sherokom gunda hoish; doctor engineer jodi hosh to sherokom doctor engineer hoish- ekta kotha mone rakh-ei duniyate ar motamotir kono jaiga nai"-Your position is like that. Cameos are good, but BD needs more than that from a batsman like you.

Nazim: Will only pray for him.

Sakib: I still wonder why he was included in the T20 squad. Whom should I blame: Shkaib, soccer mia or destiny or what?

SNR Bhai: Bhai, apnar ki kolom dhorley ki lekha ashe naki? Excellent post mortem.
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