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So what is the single most problematic feature with our recent performances -

I could say it is Mashrafee's bowling. He is conceding almost 3.5 x-tra runs per over, which amounts to 14 additional runs. Considering our barely capable batting line-up, those 14 runs are not a margin I would like to see our opposition have.

2nd most important issue - Ash conceding 2.5 run more per over per game (If that is a trend). That is 10 more runs.

Add those, and you get 24 runs. Again, considering our collective batting effort, those 20 odd additional runs put us on the wrong side of any game's outcome.

About are batting, like our side, most teams have imbalanced batting performances within there line ups. See some of the scores today. And since this is 2020, the probablity of one batsman making a difference is far greater. And fortunately for us, the need to have one batsman click is far more likely than 2,3,4..for a team like us especially.

Not to say our batting is not a problem, but if you look at it, faster scores are more important than more batsmen scoring over 10 or 15.

Which brings the discussion to a very different point. Maybe in 2020, there should be 9 batsmen, 11 fielders, and atleast 5 different bowlers. That will bring a balance between batting and bowling.

Bangladesh are lucky that 2020 is all about batting, and that too the strike rate and not score per batsman.
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