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LSU proves they are legit. Killed Va Tech 48 - 7. Va Tech passed two years were #1 in overall defense. Oct 6, gator comes into town. Now that game gets bigger than anything for LSU.

Auburn got dumped from the top 25 poll after losing to South Florida. South Florida?? Yup!! Past two years they beat ranked opponents also.

Michigan and NotreDame continued their downward slide. Both team 0-2. Next week they face each other. Someone must win, lol. The loser faces 0-3. I believe it would Notre Dame scratching their heads after this game.

Alabama finished of Vandy. Their running back looks solid. Impressive plays by QB Wilson. I liked that boy for his poise, determination and strength.

Louisville, Rutgars, W Virginia, Cinci, Oklahoma, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan State, Clemson, Boston College, Penn State, Kentucky, Florida, Kansas, Washigton State, Oklahoma State all won big.

Boise State's loss to washington must give Notre Dame fans pain (Washington's (2-0)coach Willingham is an ex Notre Dame coach who was fired despite having a winning record). This broke winningest record in the country which was 14 (Boise St).

Week 3 games to watch:

Arkansas (16) at Alabama. D- Mac time.
W Virginia (4) at Maryland.
Mississippi St at Auburn. Huge game for Auburn (must win).
Iowa at Iowa St. Iowa should easily roll. However, this is a rivalry game so anything can happen.
Tennessee (22) at Florida (5). For Florida every game is a big game. They just can't lose. They must win big for nationational title implications. Tennessee is no push over either.
Notre Dame at Michigan. (loser bowl)
Ohio St (10) at Washington. This can put Washington in the map if they can some how upset the buckeyes.
Louisville (9) at Kentucky. Not as easy as it may seem for Louisville. This may be an ambush that they didn't see coming. In-state rivalry also.
USC (1) paying a visit to Nabraska (14). Back in the glory days the corn huskers wouldn't even pay any attention to this game. I am sure there will be over 100,000 red huskers screaming at the stadium. Can't get any bigger than this. A hicupp and LSU would be of to the races.
Boston College (22) at Georgia Tech (15). I think Georgia Tech is getting no respect from the pollsters.
Florida St visiting Colorado. Not a place to be comfortable in.
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