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I have posted the following in international cricket section. I think it is relevent with this thread.

Australian like ponting and shane are singing this downgrade song to take Zimbabwe out of the test status. This is the vengance for suspending 15 white cricketer in Zimbabwe. Before that incident only big mouth Ganguli floated that idea. Ganguli thinks they have reached nirvana in cricket like Australia. Well they did not,they are far from it. It was not long ago when Pakistan would humiliate them in both day and night cricket. I would say Masri will crack his forehead open like Srikant next time we meet him.

Zimbabwe's action is deplorable. Zimbabwe should be delt harshly for it. That doesn't give them the right to axe Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a good team and improving in right direction fast in Dav's guidence. They can wait for NewZealand to come around for 26 years and they cannot give BD 6 years. ICC need to stop behaving this way.
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