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Default BD continues to improve

BD currently stand 7th in overall T20 game history. I think this is a fairly accurate given the recent T20 World Cup results and number of games played. The current standing is as follows:

1. India (78%)
2. Pakistan (77%)
3. Srilanka (62%)
4. South Africa (60%)
5. Australia (54%)
6. New Zealand (50%)
7. Bangladesh (38%)
8. Zimbabwe (33%)
9. West Indies (30%)
10. England (27%)
11. Kenya, Scotland (0%)

Full stat in:

BD had a 1-4 record in the toughest schedule of all teams. BD was the only team in super eight which didn't face a lower ranked team in all it's matches. Aftab was 9th in most runs, Zunaid 8th highest innings, Sakib was 11th in best bowling figure, Razzak 9th in most economic and Mushfiq 3rd in most dismissals. If Riad held on to Mashrafee's catch in the last game I feel BD would beat Pakistan and even further imrpove this stat.

This is the first time in BD history (or any team outside the top eight) that it progressed past prelimenary stage in two consecutive world cup tournament. I think its also the first time BD has 3 wins (so far) against higher ranked teams in a single year.

Like Australia, Srilanka and others BD also will have to figure out how to overcome there T20 weaknesses. Given the nature of the format, I feel BD will make faster progress in this type than ODI and Test. I think overall this has been the best year in BD's short cricketing history and I hope they retain most of this very young team together (even if they lose the next 2-3 series) to allow them to mature and set there eyes on the next T20 and then the WC2011.

Go Bangladesh!!
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