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Cheers nocturnal, especially for the link regarding the improvements proposed for this season's NCL. I was planning to do a search to find that link.

All the divisional teams will be provided with coach, physio and trainer and each side will get at least three weeks of preparation time. The facilities would be high standard added the general secretary.

However I dont see how do the teams get the three weeks preparation time if it's starting on 5th October. Also I was reading an article in some newspaper ( i think it was shamokal ) that said the preparations for the NCL are going vey slowly. I wouldn't be too surprised at that, given the BCB's efficiency ( or lack of it ! ) shown elesewhere.

Also just injecting money can't be enough. The pitches and grounds, often substandard, need to upto the mark and most importantly the level of seriousness and rivalry need to be high enough to prepare cricketers for the tough and competitive standard of intl cricket - afterall, the biggest drawback of the NCL has been that it's been little more than "picnic cricket" to the players.
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