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One responder mentioned BD won against Kenya, Zimbabwe, West Indies. Same is true for the other countries in that ranking. England for example, only won against Zimbabwe and lost 4 in a row. Srilanka only beat NZ among significant opponents. So I don't understand the point.

And the other responders point about progression is debatable. BD played WI and beat them. Then faced SA, Aus, SL and Pak which are 4 out of top 6 team in T20 world cup. So losing all 4 were expected. Even the margin of defeat is interesting (SL lost by 10wkts to Aus with a lower score than BD). I would say BD had 2 good games out of the 4 losses and for a young team like this who could barely put up a fight agains the same teams 2 years ago this is a vast improvement. If it took SL 10 years and others longer to get to the level of the big boys I don't understand why BD is being scrutinized so harshly when our first major success was only in 2005 and have been improving since then.

I clearly rememebr how Srilanka used to be the bashing boy of everybpody in late '80s, West Indies scored a record win against them one time. And BD used to struggle for a semi-final spot against in the ICC associates at the time. Going year by year, BD have had terrible record from 2000 till 2003. From that point on every single year our cricket team has improved this year being the best. The risk in constant criticism after every single match is that we don't keep a coherent team for at least couple of years and do not get to the maturity we need. I really hope this team will be able to withstand all the unfair criticism and continue doing what its doing.
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