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Originally Posted by ammark
is creating divisions, segmentising, differentiating and reclassifying the faith the fashion these days? Or is ahl-as-sunnah-wal-jama'ah an appropriate definition? Of the people who stand in congregation in the tradition of the prophet?
My understanding is that when a religion (such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc) grows exponentially and crosses several continents, it no longer stays intact. It's not to create divisions but just takes up a local flavour when it arrives at a new place.

Thankfully in case of Islam, it remained loosely intact due to the strict insistence for adherence to Quran. And any segments only varies politically (say which Imam to follow, which was good, which was bad, which hadith is unreliable etc) not religiously (like Christianity where one sect varies vastly with another in many cases).

On that note the thread question remains just but fact is most muslims (and thankfully may I add) don't go into the classifications. Indulging too much into those creates the division if at all.
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