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Originally Posted by BD-Shardul

Also, the hadeeths are memorised just like Quran. Until the invention of paper and printing, hadeeth was preserved the the way Quran was preserved-memorising. While memorising, and reporting hadeeths, sahabae keram mentioned not only the exact words of the prophet, but also exactly from whom they have heard or memorised the hdeeth.
Al-Furqaan mentioend : "it is fundemental in islamic aqueedah to believe that the quran is the 100% infallible word of God, but no such infallibilty is awarded to the hadith. most muslims know this, but few think about it at length."

I have to agree with this and that is why the question on validity of hidiths (that even so many in types such as Bukhari..... etc.) gives people chances to ponder on whether to rely only on Quran or take lessons from both Quran and all types of Hadiths available in today's world.
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