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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
The problem is as follows:

1) The moment you express a doubt of ahadith's authenticity, you are accused of denying the Prophet's Sunnah.

2) Ahadith are treated as being equal to the Quran, and asking "is the ahadith 100% accurate" is interpreted as questioning the Prophet (pbuh)

3) People get very hot headed when you bring this topic up, and so it often becomes unpleasant to continue a discussion where questioning authenticity of ahadith is taken as leaving Islam
I shall write more about it at my break...but very briefly, let me just tell you that you took away the words from my mouth.

Even until a few months ago I used to debate with people about authenticity of hadith. But everyone used to bring Imam Bhukhari and said that he prayed so many raqats of nafal for every hadith, and so on. And I used to argue, does that necessarily mean that praying nafal will make your words come from heaven? The problem that we're ALL aware of is the TRANSFER of ideas from one person to another often comes with a BIT of distortion. That is to say:

Original idea when transferred to another person = Close to the original idea + a bit of distortion

After being repeatedly called un-Islamic and non-Muslim for questioning hadith, I stopped questioning it in public. My belief is in myself, and I'll live with it.

Two days after my wedding, I attended another wedding where the Imaam was saying things that I didn't agree with. And I started arguing with my shala, and a couple of other guys from India and Pakistan. One of them started talking about hadith, and I said, don't bring hadith in this coz all I'm talking about here is Quran, since that's what's authentic to me. One guy (without much surprise) immediately asked "oh, so you're questioning the authenticity of Imaam Bhukhari's words?"

I reiterated the fact that yes, we have to do our Sunnah. But what we KNOW of as Sunnah may not really be what Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) did. And it's simply due to the distortion that I mentioned a little earlier. If Ahmedinajeid can question the fact that whether "holocust has occurred" even though it happened not even a century ago, how can we say that what the sahabis recorded a thousand years ago still hold true?

That's as much as I shall write at the moment. More will follow, if time permits, and if nobody jumps on me calling me non-Muslim. And just a friendly request to all my friends here at BC, you dare not call me a non-Muslim due to whatever I have said thus far.
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