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I wrote:
"Dear Sohel NR bhai,

....I can only say you're treading a very slippery slope here and you should stop right there! What you're propagating here is outright dangerous, to say the least. I suggest you consider your stance carefully.

Originally Posted by Sohel NR
A serious threat.

I don’t respond to threats very well, no matter how well or ill disguised they may be across cyber or any other space. However, I shall try. So here it goes: -

1. Your misunderstanding of my intent, in light of everything in my post, clear things that can be explored without preconceived bias, is deliberate and malicious. I am disappointed but not really surprised at this point.

4. My conscience is clear and I am ready to face Allah’s judgment anytime He wills, so in the final analysis, fear and paranoia-driven crypto-fascistic threats do not scare me.

5. I am reporting your threatening post based on deliberate and malicious misunderstanding to the MODs.

I have nothing further to say to you.
Sohel NR,

Where do you see a (ill-disguised) threat in my post to "label" me with all those defamable adjectives. My post was a sincere- stern maybe- advice to a fellow muslim as this Deen is known as "Ad-deenun nasihah".

Your massive disproportionate reaction to my post [is unhelpful]. Do you have any reasons to be so [reactionary]?

My intention was to have a dialogue but ,obviously, there is no point in it now. I'll refute your initial -potentially blasphemous and deliberately misleading- post after Ramadan, insha-allah [].

Ma'a salamah!

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