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We were 2nd after playing just 1 game against Zimbabwe (ranked 10th in ODI). We became 7th after playing Pakistan, Kenya, West Indies, South Africa, Srilanka and Australia (all except Kenya being above us). So I will definitely call it an improvement. Also just looking at the stats from the last 3 years it can be clearly seen BD has slowly moved up in the ODI rating from 11th to 9th with highest rating point at present. At the beginning of 2004 BD was at 11th (behind Kenya, Zim with 0 points). Today they are at 9th (with 48 points ahead of Ireland, Zim and Kenya) and also this is the first year they beat 3 test teams (Ind,SA,WI ) in any form of cricket within a single year. Of course it's pointless to discuss this with someone with lack of knowledge of BD's cricket history. So I'm just letting the stats do the talking themselves.

Also I disagree that you can make a negative or a positive outlook out of any result. You can surely take positive/negative points out of a match regardless of loss or win, but a result can always be compared relative to other teams' scores and statistics and history. Based on that I would say BD has consistently improved on a yearly basis.
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