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I do not believe as some of my fellow anti-sectarian, "Allah only" travelers do that the Sunnah as expressed through the 5 pillars and the straight path as written in the Holy Quraan need to be mutually exclusive in practice. It is very much possible to practice elements of the Sunnah and NOT break our covenant with Allah, provided that those practices are neither purely ritualistic devoid of individual and deeply internalized meanings and experiences, nor undertaken in anything contrary to the Spirit of the Quraan. If those practices are not imposed or coerced into the hearts of its parishioners who willfully and consciously submit to the Allah as revealed in the Holy Quraan, they do indeed become critical toolkits to consolidate our covenant with Allah.
haven't read through all of sohels lengthy posts, but this was a gem. in his own words "WTG!"
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