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Originally Posted by zainab
"The boys have to learn how to stay at the crease for a long time"

This is the problem. They still feel that test matches are a 50 over game, and think that time is running out. They become restless after 5 overs and become impatient when the scoring is low. They have to be able to concentrate and stay at the crease for a long time even if the scoring is low. When they overcome this, then they will be able to carry a test match into the fourth day at least and not lose by an innings.
They are playing against teams and players who have had many more years of playing test matches than them.
I partly agree you with here. They do become restless after 5 overs or so and start looking for boundaries. However I wouldn't say that they feel test matches are 50 over games, and they certainly don't feel as if time is running out. To me it seems more as if they just don't know how to approach the situation. They know they have time in their hands, and they know that it's not a ODI. They just simply don't know how to play test, and I am desperately awaiting on a coach who can change this.
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