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If you see how people pray in Saudi Arabia, they raise thier hands before bowing down, and they move thier finger, when reading attahi..., these people follow the Islamic law of Salafism, this new law says they are following the teachings of the Sunnah when Islam was created, it was created by students in Egypt, where they have discovered the true ways of prayer and religion (Wikipedia, Salafism), but if you look at how people read in the sub-continent, we have knowledge from our ancestors who are derived from the time when Islam was in Bangladesh, like the Delhi arrivers and Hazrat Shah Jalal, who is from Yemen, born from a Turkish background, it is basically logical for us to learn how the Saudi's read, because this is the birth place of Islam, and where sources are very true, but all across the sub-continent how can the teachings be true, we have to justify our knowledge of Islam, and think are we following the right meaning. But for some reason I do not want to follow this passage, for some reason I dont know?

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