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truth be told...

i am very proud of this Bangladesh team for their progress in this T20. because given their potential and ability and style of play, they got exactly what they deserved, nothing more, nothing less.

off course, we make mistakes, and we will continue to make them because change doesn't happen overnight, change happens gradually and through repetetive results.

look at us at 2001 and look at us now, we have improved a lot, havn't we? of course we still drop catches and our stamina is no where close to perfect, and we still need to find a balanced way to approach cricket, especially in the longer format of the game. our Batsmen need to forget about their hidden holdback negative psychology and concentrate on how to properly bulid up a solid career, each and individually. they just need to... simply said, FOCUS, and FOCUS HARD. many many examples has been set by Banlgadeshi so called "talented batsmen" already, that their names are mentioned in this forum so many times, it is sad and not even close to comedy.

20/20 is a format of the game where onr minor mistake changes evrything, unlike test/ODI, i am not going to blame the boys on not meeting the demands on certain expectations of certain fans, but i do blame them for their lack of toughness and their ability to see themselves alongside with the legends of the game, they can reach it too, we have some potential future legends of the game on our own backyard.

rankings mean nothing, only it is used to measure how your next future opponent takes you seriously or lightly.

all they need to remember is that there is and there was and there will always will be support for this team no matter what, so keep up the good work and work on correcting mistakes and concentrate on winning more matches.
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