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Originally posted by sujon
If there is gonna be multy tier system in cricket it should be like this:

tier1: Australia

tier2: The rest.
Hear hear.

While we're at it, reform the system so that new Test Playing countries (including the 2 latest ones) get Candidate status.

After 5 years, Candidates are reviewed, so they either get promoted to Full status, kept at Candidate, or dropped to Associate status.

Each Test-playing country is assigned an Associate, which they have to assist to develop, including an International tour each way each two years, and a written, public report on how their Associate is going.

For example, the RSA gets assigned Kenya. It would be expected than each 2 years a RSA team (not neccessarily their full team ; an A team may be more appropriate) would tour Kenya, and a Kenyan team would make the return trip. RSA coachers and players could be sent to Kenya, and promising players brought back to the RSA to play in the Capetown club comp and train with the national team.

This method has support matched with accountability.

Such a scheme would be a damn good home for US$10m a year from World Cup TV funds.
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