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I like your plan. Is it original? Can you put it through to ICC? It sounds reasonable. The only catch I see is that the full members like RSA have nothing much to gain from it in the days of sponsorship. I think that is the point some of the folks that are pro-multi tier are suggesting. Ganguly and Ponting are coming from strictly financial point of gain. Not too many in their respective countries follow the game when they are playing BD or Zimbabwe. Therefore, a reduction in sponsorship. They are looking at it from an opportunity cost point of view. For example, India would rather play a tri-nation series in Holland (with Pakistan and Australia) than play Test match with BD during that time frame. This is eventually a greedy world. Indirectly, the likes of Ganguly and Ponting are basically saying we don't give a damn about the folks who watch cricket in Bangladesh because at the end of the day it does not generate enough interest in our country, until it does generate some interest we don't want to play you.

In reply to Sujon: I have sent this letter to ICC. Hopefully, we can knock a few punches showing past statistics of India, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Perhaps we can have discrimination or intent of discrimination to our defence. I request every "able bodied" fan write letters to ICC. CricInfo is useless. It took me at least a dozens letters to stop Andrew Miller to write anything about Bangladesh. In my opinion Andrew Miller is bad news for BD. He covered the Engand series in Dhaka and started the clamour to kick BD out of Test cricket.


P.S. I am not a lawyer.
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