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Originally Posted by Nafi
I prefer a secular government
So do I; but part of having a secular, democratic government is allowing all parties (even those running on religious platforms) to participate.

Originally Posted by HereWeGo
for all I know...Jamaat should be banned from politics for ever. The day that happens i shall be the happiest man in this entire universe.
I'd be fine with banning those members for whom we have official records of taking part in or encouraging the atrocities. I would argue against banning the party itself, because at present we have a known organization where people with a particular religious/political leaning end up. If we were to ban it, many of these folk would be more likely to join more extremist underground (and thus hard to keep track of) organizations like JMB.

And let's not forget that Jamaat has not had any significant increase in number of seats won since they started taking part in Bangladeshi elections.
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