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I have been disturbed with the recent report of Gen Moeen's alleged corruption. The allegation is that Gen Moeen repaid TK 66 lakh of his loan within one year... "How can a general get so much money in such a short time". This allegation is based on a recent edition of Trust bank prospectus, where Gen Moeen's loan to Trust Bank on Dec 31, 2005 was shown as TK 99,69,215 and at Dec 31, 2006 his loan was TK 33,15,323. He essentially repaid Tk 66 lakh in one year.

I am sure many of you guys have seen this report on the internet but it did not make it to the bangladesh media. A BBC reporter asked Moeen about this allegation couple of days ago, Moeen claimed that he can get a max of TK 35 lakh from the bank according to Trust bank rules and that's what he did.

Trust Bank Prospectus (this is a big pdf, just search for Moeen and you will find the relevant part on page 29. this shows the 2005 and 2006 loan amount)
link to to prospectus

I emailed the audit firm which prepared the prospectus to verify the numbers printed on the prospectus. They confirmed that there were no typos and they stand by the numbers.

Recent the report that provides more evidence (verifies the figure on prospectus by comparing the numbers from Trust Bank financial statement of 2005 ).


At the end of the day, I think there are very few people who have not committed a SINGLE act of corruption, I was desperately hoping that Gen Moeen was one of them. I feel that in the in the context of bangladesh, it is an unrealistic expectation . I hope Gen Moeen will show some evidence to support his claim.
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