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Originally Posted by layperson
The best answer we can give them is to ban them from taking part in elections.
And how exactly is it possible? certainly not by force I guess? or is it by a legal action ( legal prosecution )?

Since both BAL and BNP never went ( court ) for any sort of legal action ( judicial settlement such as their action, identification, conviction, restriction etc.), I don't see a peaceful settlement no matter how much we scream for the ban of their political activity at this moment. And most surprisingly all these days after independence, our 'brilliant' politicians were not even able to make their leaders hold responsible ( for wrongdoing ), nor any apology to the people! Not a single leader of razakars yet! let alone their political party to be ban or not!

Yet again, BAL & left wing politicians showing their knee jerk reaction towards EC ( instead of going to court! ). I wonder how miserable losers are these people could be! In the mean time BNP people seems enjoying circus! All they are asking is to 'seed' another harmful and long due socio political conflict this way ( without having judicial settlement ). Shouldn't they go to court for a 'lawful' settlement ( even now its not late ) if they really feel BD people deserve justice? and they are 'truly' representing BD people?

Having said all above, I think we should bring those razakars leaders to justice first, let them go through prosecution, let them prove themselves to public. As a result, it doesn't matter if they proved guilty or not, but the 'due process' that has been taken will be the history towards justice and settlement, and that is most important IMO. Only this way we can kick them out of politics, power, and earn 'official' apology ( from each of the leaders ) towards people, be it 'truth' or 'heartless'.
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