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Originally Posted by Farhad
Aww.. I see quite a few Boston bashers over here. Thats fine. Its the mark of a good team. I dont need all my teams to go all the way. BC went up to #2. Thats more than enough for me. Im not too picky. Current Patriots are arguably one of the best teams in NFL history. The undefeated '72 dolphins had to play only 14 games, and only 1 of which against a side with a winning record. If Patriots go all the way, they will be THE best team in NFL history. Theyre more than halfway there. The Sox have a side which many people have already called one of the best in MLB history. At this point, all i can say is Bruins who?

Celtics are definitely not the best, not even close. But as long as theyre better than they were the last few years, Im more than happy.
And you guys have a tough schedule! AFC East is a joke. Four games vs Miami and Jets!
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