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Quader Mollah sued for 'sedition'
Star Report

A 'sedition' case against Jamaat-e-Islami Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mollah was filed in Madaripur yesterday, accusing him of involvement in activities against the country's sovereignty and independence.

District Bar Association leader Obaidur Rahman Kalu Khan filed the case with the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Madaripur.

The case statement said, "Abdul Quader Mollah is a cheat. He is engaged in activities against sovereignty and independence of the country and is active in destroying peace and discipline of people through his statements."

A situation, thanks to his activities, has been created in the country where safety of life, resources of the citizens in both home and abroad, and sovereignty of the country are threatened, the statement said.

Quader at an occasion at National Press Club in the capital said: "Some took part in the Liberation War for lust for beautiful women, some for looting assets of the Hindus and some for serving the interests of India."

The news on his comments was published in the daily Ittefaq on October 31.

Court sources said six have been made witnesses in the case. They are Ittefaq editor Anwar Hossain, acting editor Rahat Khan, publisher Saju Hossain, the news editor, the staff reporter, and Zakir Hossain of Madaripur Notun Shahar.

The case statement further said Quader condemned the creation of Bangladesh and wants destruction of her sovereignty.

It also demanded that Quader make a public apology to the nation for his audacious remarks. All the freedom fighters have felt insulted by his remarks, which threatened the peace in people's mind across the country, it added.

It also said the complainant filed the case as the Central Muktijoddha Sangsad or the state did not take any steps in this regard.

The complainant, advocate Obaidur Rahman, said he filed the case under the section 123 (ka) for making criticism of the Liberation War and under the Penal Code 504 for breaking public peace.

Asked about the witnesses in the case, he said, "As the news report was published in the daily Ittefaq, the individuals concerned are surely aware of it. That is why they will give their depositions as witnesses.

"Besides, an individual, Zakir Hossain of Madaripur, has also been shown a witness."

Madaripur Chief Judicial Magistrate AFM Mahbubul Haque accepted the case and sent it to Sadar Police Station for investigation.

The chief lawyer of the complainant is advocate Pradip Chandra Sarkar, who along with 24 other lawyers has signed to fight the legal battle.

Interesting case as the ball starts rolling over to the courts. As much as I support the effort, I don't think the charge of 'sedition' will hold up in light of some of the free speech issues. Looking forward to see this one unfold with great interest.
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