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Originally Posted by Miraz
Pundit, if it was a song of 2007, I would have appreciated your observation, but the timing was different and the scenario hardly had any positives.
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Another quote from Miraz from another thread:

I have to correct the information about my favorite restaurant from Fazal's list.

Samarkhand : It only serves buffet and hardly has any Deshi dishes. Serves Indian, Pakistani, Mediterranean dishes and Kebabs. Excellent for family programs. Lunch time buffet is not special, try to get the taste of dinner buffet which has about 5-7 more dishes.

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I respect you for not trying to marginalize me atleast like the more cowardly Chinaman and Arnab with their edit priviledges.

But really, when we have long discussions around best restaurants in Dhaka from board members, I really cannot help but begin to think that some of them are flukes. With so many poor people in Bangladesh...yeah, let me talk about my favorite expensive restaurant.

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