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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Oh this reminds me - I've spent sleepless nights trying to figure this out: What happens to Mohinder's taxi??? It is so confusing! How does he get his cab back? Early in the first season, they show him running away from it to avoid Bennett. If that's what you're gonna do in NYC, there's no way you're getting your taxi back without calling the cops. Later in the season, they show him bringing Peter's corpse back to his mom after Sylar kills him. In the background stands the same cab that he had left in the middle of a busy NYC street several episodes ago.

How exactly does he get his taxi back? These are important details that shouldn't be missed out by any means! I can live without the "Save the cheerleader, save the world" explanation, but I can't do so without an explanation on Suresh's taxi related matters. Does he have a secret power that allows him to whistle lost objects back to himself? Is that how he got his cab back? Is he then a hero? Is there something they aren't telling us? After all, his sister had powers too, so I wouldn't be surprised if he is a taxi puller.
I copied this from the other thread. Instead of making this thread, we could have just changed the title of the other one. but anywho...

It's hardly a mystery Asif if you were a taxi driver like myself but obviously you aren't, you filthy rich chatgaiyas (all of you make me sick). Mohinder obviously doesn't own that taxi, he rents it from a taxi garage... So there can be several possibilities:
1) Those two taxis were different. Just because the license plate matched (did it?), it doesn't mean they are the same taxi. Number of license (hack licenses) by each garage is limited whereas they probably can have multiple taxis - it's just they are limited to renting out the taxis by the number of plates they hold.

2) It might be the same taxi by:
a) Suresh called the garage, some one from garage came and took back the taxi
b) The taxi is stolen (as you are are assuming): two possibilities:
i) The taxi was an early adapter of the GPS tracking system, so they tracked it quiet easily
ii) it was the GARAGE who called the police to investigate

So suresh need not be there to save "his" taxi.
Now to more trivial matters:
How was the power of the "electric girl" working in front of Peter if peter encountered the Haitian 4 months ago. Wouldn't Peter also have the haitian's power as well? No one's power should work in presence of peter now.
A comment on Peter's girl friend's accent: She is in ireland fool, not in new york.
On house,
It's alright but don't you think it's too heavy. I get a headache watching house. It took me 2 episodes to figure out LP was lumber puncture... LOL
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