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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
Peter wasn't close enough when he was attacked by Elle to acquire the Haitian's ability, let alone prevent it so quickly. When he was attacked his shirt was on fire, I hardly think his mind would be concentrating on anything else. Elle and Haitian separated their ways, so there was no point in getting the Haitian's ability. It's also possible Haitian's ability can't be acquired, and his supress ability prevented Peter from doing so when they were actually closer in the docks.
Actually I was referring the scene where peter was in jail and tried to use his power to move the glass but Bob and ele said your powers won't work here.... then they showed the haitian appear in background. Afterward, Elle's power shouldn't be working with peter like when she gives him a "jolt of electricity" before his medication.

Anyway, I think you are right that Haitian's power can't be absorbable. It makes sense. If peter's real power is to ABSORB other powers and Haitian's power is to SUPPRESS other powers, and given Haitian, suppressed, then peter can not absorb because he no longer holds the power.

Actually there should have been some sort of conflict with two opposite power coming in contact with each other... with peter eventually winning:
Haitian and peter meets... absorbance and suppression take place instantly, with Haitian's suppression winning.. but since peter also absorbed slightly, his absorbed suppression power should kick in, suppressing the suppression of Haitian.. if Haitian's suprression is suppressed, peter is no longer suppressed by Haitian and gets to use his powers and WINS.. unless peter's own suppressive power supprsses his other powers... LOL

Hope that is crystal clear!
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