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just finished watchin the Heroes episode (2-09), I didnt know there will be one tonight as I thought the last episode was the fall finale. It was a surprise for me and moreover it was a brilliant episode. Good thing Bennet isnt dead, they need more ppl to stop Adam & Parkman's dad...

everyone should keep a vial of Claire's blood handy, morar jhamela nai ar, kisu hoilei one shot......

also watched chuck tonight. They brought back Bryce from the dead already. They are giving out too much too soon. The way they are going all the history and the stories will be out by season finale, and they wont have anything for the next season.
Chuck is produced (or directed) by the producer (or director) of O.C (the popular girly drama with girls and hunks). They are certainly bringing back all those connections in this show. Does all the houses and apartments in California look like this? hehe, even if you work for $11/hour you can afford such house with fountains and pools? nice indeed.....
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