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The last episode of Heroes was awesome....I was losing interest in second season before this. I like the fact that we are getting more villains and pissing off the good ones.. now it's getting personal...

Hiro vs Adam encounter should be good.. Both seeking revenge...SWEET.

You think suresh saved Noah with claire's blood, I think the only way Suresh will live to next season is if he does. I don't expect the man who killed NOah to live that long....cuz Noah is one smart crazy mofo...

Also I think Claire's and adam's blood only cures, it doesn't give you immortality. Considering it is the blood that cures: the regeneration power should subside after a while because the infused blood will not stay in the body forever. Remember, claire and adam have the genes for continual production of the "magic blood".. others don't. So far the 'logic' behind the show is pretty well thought I must agreee...

Also does adam have more power than just tissue regeneration? Remember how he stopped peter's "lighting Ball"... If he does then I am guessing he acquires new powers by random mutations within himself... That trick of adam was bothering me for a while.
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