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Originally Posted by sadi
I guess I should check out Heroes after all. The problem is it clashes with Monday Night Football. Friday Night Lights is quite good. 24 is the show for me.
Finally someone.

ialbd you are right. They should have revealed what happened between chuck and bryce later on.Giving up too much.
If you are talking about Chucks house, well both his sister and her fiancee(?) are doctors.So I am guessing they can afford that. But ya it seems overall everyone is living in luxury there.

Anyway anyone watched House tonite. Finally someone has Lupus. There is an ongoing joke on House ,every episode when they try to figure out the disease the patient has someone mentions Lupus and its never lupus. This episode no one mentions lupus and its lupus.
The immunity thing was hilarious. One who can bring Dr.Cuddy's underwear to House get immunity.
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