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AS: You were born in Ontario, but spent much of your childhood in Bangladesh. How did that come about, and how has it affected the way you approach life in the band and beyond?
AK: My parents moved to Bangladesh in 1987 as Baptist missionaries, so being 4 years old, I naturally went with them. It's definitely had a profound influence on the way I look at the world. And of course, it'd influence any kid to experience multiple cultures, but I was there through dictatorship, political uprising, new democracy... I mean, how many Canadian kids have gotten bucked off a water buffalo, gone to Hindu and Muslim wedding festivals, seen the house across from theirs get torched by an angry mob, or watched a gun fight from the roof of a church? It wasn't always fun, but I feel like I've got a wider, better experience of the world for having been exposed to everything I was. I'm really grateful my parents took my siblings and I there. If I'd lived back in Canada, I doubt I'd have been inspired to do half of the things I have.
Interesting The music is pretty good I must admit.

maybe this should have gone to current music thread....
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