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Originally Posted by damalChele
Thats not entirely true. Not all Bengali guys are the same unless of course you are a guy living in BD. Time has changed my friend. Now we guys want to cook for our women, possibly even wash their feet. Jokes aside, cooking is a home making skill. If you don't acquire enough of it, your husband shouldnt think any less of you. Your conjugal life shouldn't revolve around cooking. Sure it helps, if either of you know how to cook. You can save money on take aways. Sure it helps, if there's women touch involved in your dish. For some reasons, the food is blimin delicious. (Think of your mom).
What the...? You, my friend, are purush jatir kolonko! Damal Chele my foot. More like shantoshishto lejbishishto androgen.
ক্লান্তি আমার ক্ষমা করো,প্রভু,
পথে যদি পিছিয়ে পড়ি কভু।
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