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Originally Posted by DJ Sahastra
Speaking only as me and without a context of any particular religion, i believe that variance and variation in religious practices within the adherent of the same religion is a not necessarily a bad thing as long as it doesn't corrupt the very essence or the core values of that religion.

Variations often lead to diverse practices and often helps absorb/accomodate local customs and traditions versus an absolute practice which calls for wiping out all signs of anything that doesn't adhere to a prescribed set of practices - and in the essence aims to homogenise.

To an extent, difference in interpretaions are a good thing because when they are not creating chaos, they are tool for healthy dialogues and also encourage tolerance to a different view.
There's not many conflicts between different muslim schools around the world,
mainly there are conflicts between the sunni's and the shia's only, but not with
the school of taught, so yeah it does make practice in religion much more easier
to follow, but there are over 4 of them in the sunni factor (mentioning the sunni factor, because of majority) and people sometimes get really confused which is the right one, some of them step away from the Sunnah, with different rules and regulations applying when practicing with such a school, that is why people get really confused on which is the right one, im confused on which school i must or should follow at the moment, because of the number of schools??? (currently hanafi)
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