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Originally Posted by BanCricFan
I don't think there can be any explicit proof as 'faith' is not a tangible/demonstrable science. Although, pre-moderns had no problems finding 'proofs' of the existence of 'God' using speculative philosophy, logic and mathematics. If you want you can put Qur'an to many kind of tests; linguistic, historical, sociological (August Comte), theological, scientific, etc.

May Allah make your path of 'seeking' a smooth, rewarding and a fruitful one!

your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated
In sha Allah a day will come when Bangladesh will defy all types of odds to win everything. (ICC, BCCI, umpires, Ramij Raja, Boycott, Sidhu) Nothing will stop Bangladesh. Bangladesh will keep winning match after match after match after match.That day may not be very far...
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