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Originally Posted by Sauron
Mohsin_31, don't you have anything else left to make yourself the perfect muslim?

You do sound perfect, but just in case you have anything left to make yourself the great example of a perfect Muslim, I'd recommend that you concentrate on that instead of patronizing others. Also, when you do that, you can suggest the perfect school for everyone.
I started this thread, because im confused which is the right school of taught,
i never realised that within the last few years or so, and i was just wondering
was I following the right school or not. Im currently Hannafi, as most Bengali's
are brought up to learn that school, but my uncle rather follows a different one,
it's called Salafism, heard of it before?? Most of these people are more religious
than others, most or all of them keep thier beards, follow the Sunnah really
well, with strict rules regarding on religious matters. This is the official school of practice in Saudi Arabia, no other school can be taught to people, but can be practiced.

This group I found was the most religious people I can see in London, while others aren't really regarded as very religious. If we see a muslim, wearing a punjabi and who has a beard, then we're sure he's a salafi. And which is the right direction, staying quite religious (hanafi) or very religious (salafism).
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