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Default Excellent observation & desserts from bangladesh

Originally Posted by Nocturnal
Few observations
(observation based on radio commentary,BC match thread and scorecard.)

Tamim: He didn't open his account today after that wonderful hundred in previous one day match. He faced 6 balls and left bangladesh in a big trouble in very first over. He took a nice catch from deep while Hopkins was looking good.

Zunaed- Big Z. scored only 4 runs from 1 scoring shot of a majestic on drive for Four while playing his 7 balls innings. While he was fielding - caught Jamie How very confidently at slip and someone was asking in match thread that when was the last time we had a catch taken neatly at slip! can't remember!

Aftab- Played a typical Aftab innings of 20 runs from 15 balls with 4 fours and when all looks easy he was out- yes run out, one of the three victims! His fielding was very good and we can forget about that 12 runs last over of the match, it was a ok decision from the captain I would say.

Ashraful- Our captain-the most talented batsman, everytime when he walks to the middle I feel extra excitement, and yes he started with a 4 6 6 within his first five balls and looking very good while he got run out on 20 off only 10 balls! that's him though......self destruction on so many occasion but at the end he was the winning captain not fleming! by the way, he bowled full 4 overs and bagged 2 wickets for 28 runs,never felt like we were missing Razzak today! well done captain.

Sakib- as usual very reliable,quick scoring and traditional off drive are the features of his batting and he did that very well today and became the third and final victim of run out. Scored 22 runs from 19 balls with 3 fours. He bowled 3 overs and was a bit expensive, gave away 23 runs and captain didnot want to give him the final over of the match, he was great while fielding.

Mahrab Jr- Like few people I was surprised when jr. walked in before farhad or rahim. and I was even more surprised when he played a very sensible not out 21 runs innings from 26 balls with only 2 fours, rotating the strike- that's what he did today very effectively, kudos to mjr! like allmost everyone- he was very good at field today and took the all important Styris catch. I was expecting him to bowl few overs as Razzak was not there but it didn't matter at the end. This performance could seal a place for him in odi middle-order in place of injured Tushar.

Farhad- wonder boy!! He played very well today and did not disappoint his promoter Fazal mamu. Played a magical 17 ball 31 with 4 boundaries and a massive SIX which was allmost out of the ground! He was out when the score were level, hope he stayed not out. Bowled full 4 overs for 26 runs with a Wicket, took an excellent catch also.No wonder why some people really like him!

Mushfiq- Took the winning run and that was the only delivery he faced. Can't remmber any miss fielding incident and was very vocal behind the stumps as I can hear the appeals from commentary background.

JO- The biggest question was why he was there! Anyways, he didn't bat and only miss field once which cost 4 runs BUT took a beautiful catch and the batsman was important Fulton.

Sajid- surprise! He disappoint fans in the practice match but not today. Bowled beautifully and took one wicket- his figure was 4-1-23-1 which might not reflex the real performance, the NZ commentators were telling all good things about him like he can move balls in both ways and Kiwi batsman needs to remember that during series. Took a nice catch and thus captain removed captain!

Shahadat- Star performer and my Man of the Match. He was outstanding, commentators were praising him all over, he set the tone at the beginning, bowled the 19th over which cost only 3 runs, final figure was- 4-0-15-3
He was aggresive and accurate. Very good sign for team. Job well done today.

BC match thread (thanks to Kalpurush bhai for his nice and lucky thread) - It was a great atmosphere despite the fact that we could not watch and only listening the commentary, commentary was really good and funny some times-reminds me channel I, they showed heart for Tigers, allmost 150 BC mem-guest on board, and ofcourse chat- another amazing victory day for us!
This match hold for a very noble reason and it was totally succesful I would say. Thanks NZC.
Match full scorecard - Link
Match Report- Link
Wonderful, wonderful observation!!! I really loved your comments.

now my desserts....

Tamim - he is like that. but, methinks, he is going through a transition period where he is trying to determine his role in the team. the honeymoon period is over. watching his last few international & ncl innings, i got the impression that he is trying to curve his over-agressive instinct which may pay off in the long run. abt the catch ... hasn't he taken a few high-class catches already in his short career?

Zunayed - he, too, is facing the batism of fire. confident & optimistic that he would come out successfull. his catching in the slips will please everybody. for a long, long time, we have been searching for reliable hands in that region. hope, he will have a long and fruitful career with the tigers.

Aftab - i rate him as one of the best against fast bowling in the world. time has come that he hones his skills against the spinners, too. & he should be more serious with his bowling.

Ashraful - the best player of scoop-paddle in the world by miles. replace misbah with him in the t20 final... the final laugh would surely have come from the other side of the border. his bowling is improving all the time. but he should resist the temptation to bowl too many overs. nothing much to say about his batting. unbelievable & unpredictable.

Shakib - he is and he will continue to become more valuable in the coming days. only disappointment is his slowing down a bit in sr. matches -- quite opposite to his reputation at jr. level.

Reza - i've never been too fond of him. but if some one can perfom that way for my country, i'd be the 1st to cheer for him. a great fielder, a big-hitter, good temperament and skiddy seamers.... truly.. he could be the dream boy.

Mushfiq - he is under the microscope. nothing much to say,the time being.

JO - JO in the t20 team!!!! what's the date today? April 01???

Mehrab Jr. - if he can adjust to team's cause, i won't mind seeing him in any format.

Sajid - one of those few ncl matches.. that was telecast live in btv... a young leftie sent down a delivery (last of the over)... next five mins or so took hours .. or it felt like that. i just couldn't wait to see him bowl again! yes, the 1st match was disappointing. but that was the first international match of a bowler who had vey little int'l exposure, that too at u-17 level. at the same time, he flew to an alien land with adverse conditions. but he came back strong... very strong. and as miraj bhai said.. he bowled at 128 to 133 kph range... haven't we found a new star?

Shahadat- 15 off 4 ovs in a t20 match! with 03 wkts!!! he is a man with a mission!!! last tour marked the advent of one mashrafe. is this going to be shahadat's tour? most amazing fact is that he looks all set to act the as the pace-spearhead of our team. with less pressure, that might bring out better performance from Mashrafe. can't wait to see nz getting Sa-Ma-Sh-ed in at least one of the matches.
Bangladesh's Win (agt any team) = 100% Joy
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So, only opportunity for me to double my joy is when Bangladesh BEATs India!!!

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