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at one point i thought we were gonna lose... 5/85 i just averted myself from the match thread page and went to "signs of the day of judgement" after 30 minutes of scaring myself to death, my cricket intuition was ticking and i saw Farhad Reza blasted us to a victory! wow! i will try this every time from now on(here we go, superstition again!)

anyways, congratulations on the win and i do not mind seeing guys like Aftab, Ashraful scoring 25, 20, 24, 35, 45 consistently because, remember the quote ashraful once said,

"I score thirty, you score thirty, we win match", if everyone including Tamim, Junaad(mocking the NZ commentators) can pitch in every game 30-40 runs, it is not that difficult, is it?

I am happy that this coach is getting rid of "One Man show" label off this team... today it looked like an inspired team effort from just about everyone, including Javed Omar.

i have been keep telling people this game of cricket occasionally defies all logic, but who undersands what that means? i mean i am being egocentric here but can you believe we won a match without Rasel, Razzak or Mortaza or Shahriar Nafees? if someone foretold this victory this year in February before the world cup, people would've thought you are crazy or something!

the lesson is: no matter what label you have to your name(superstar, slowpoke, whatever) every day is a new day and every game is a new game to reestablish who you really are! in the end, performance counts
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