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The words of Event

These are the verbs "to be", "to become", "to happen" in English.
There are mainly three verbs in Bengali for this: হওয়া, থাকা and ঘটা
Just like the verbs to be, to become, to happen are the most important verbs in English to describe an event, similarly, the Bengali verbs হওয়া, থাকা and ঘটা are very important.

So, to recap:

to be = হওয়া, থাকা
to become = হওয়া, থাকা
to happen = হওয়া, ঘটা

The words of action

These are the rest of the verbs which describe actions done by some agent. There are many hundreds of them. We do many kinds of basic actions, and we have a verb for each of them in Bengali.

Here are some very familiar action words in Bengali:

to do = করা
to make = বানানো
to have/possess = থাকা

to give = দেওয়া
to throw = ছোঁড়া
to take = নেওয়া
to hold/catch = ধরা

to pull = টানা
to push = ঠেলা
to lift = তোলা, উঠানো
to put sth. down = নামানো

to wake up = জাগা
to sleep = ঘুমানো

to lie (as in lie down) = শোওয়া
to get up/go up = উঠা

to sit = বসা
to stand = দাঁড়ানো

to go = যাওয়া
to come = আসা
to walk = হাঁটা
to run = দৌড়ানো
to jump = লাফানো

to go down = নামা
to fall = পড়া

to fly = ওড়া
to swim = সাঁতরানো

to wear = পরা

to eat = খাওয়া
to drink = খাওয়া
to cook = রাঁধা

to see/look = দেখা
to touch = ছোঁয়া
to smell = শোঁকা
to taste = স্বাদ নেওয়া, চাখা
to listen/hear = শোনা
to speak = বলা
to read = পড়া
to write = লেখা

to beat = মারা
to cut = কাটা
to choose = বাছা

to want = চাওয়া
to search = খোঁজা
to get = পাওয়া

to live = বাঁচা
to die = মরা

to buy = কেনা
to sell = বেচা

to smile/laugh = হাসা
to cry = কাঁদা

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