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The Who words

You now know quite a number of basic action words. Well, right now, you just know their basic infinitive or dictionary form. The Bengali action words, however, changes their form depending on

-Who is doing the action
-When is the action taking place
-Whether the action is completed, ongoing, or habitual.

But we are not going to worry about all of those at the moment. We will focus, for now, on the "Who is doing the action" part.

In order to use the action words properly in Bengali sentences, we will have to learn the essential Who words.

Who words can be any noun/pronoun that has the ability to do something. These include:

a) Some person's name: Tehsin, Rana, Zunaid, etc. These are trivial. These are equivalent of he/she/they type of pronouns.
b) All the pronouns that can be used as Who words: I, you, he/she, we, they, etc. in English. What are the pronouns in Bengali, then?

I = আমি
You (someone close, someone "equal to you") = তুমি
You (elders, honorable persons, or someone "above you") = আপনি
You (someone very close, or someone "beneath you") = তুই
He/She = সে
He/She (honorable) = তিনি

We = আমরা
You (close) = তোমরা
You (elder/honor) = আপনারা
You (very close/beneath) = তোরা
They = তারা
They (honor.) = তাঁরা

Each of the pronouns/Who words above affect the form of any verb/action word.

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