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Ok, so now you know a bunch of essential Who words and a bunch of essential Action words (in their dictionary form).

Let's put these two types of words together to build some very simple Bengali sentences. But remember the catch: The Actions word change their endings depending on the nature of the Who word. So what you need to know first is how to get the root of an Action word and then attach the correct ending to those roots, depending on the Who word.

How to get the root of an Action word from its dictionary form:

It's quite straightforward.

1. If the dictionary form of an Action word ends in -আ (excluding those ending with ওয়া), then strip that to get the root.
2. If the dictionary form of an Action word ends in -ওয়া, strip that ওয়া.
3. If the dictionary form of an Action word ends in -নো, strip that নো.

Example 1: করা --> কর
Example 2: খাওয়া --> খা
Example 3: উঠানো --> উঠা

That's it. Here are the same essential Action words I gave before, but now they are categorized according to their endings. See if you can find the root for them.

Ending in আ:
to do = করা
to have/possess = থাকা
to throw = ছোঁড়া
to catch = ধরা
to pull = টানা
to push = ঠেলা
to lift = তোলা
to wake up = জাগা
to get up/go up = উঠা
to sit = বসা
to come = আসা
to walk = হাঁটা
to go down = নামা
to fall = পড়া
to fly = ওড়া
to wear = পরা
to cook = রাঁধা
to see/look = দেখা
to smell = শোঁকা
to listen/hear = শোনা
to speak = বলা
to read = পড়া
to write = লেখা
to beat = মারা
to cut = কাটা
to choose = বাছা
to taste = চাখা
to search = খোঁজা
to live = বাঁচা
to die = মরা
to buy = কেনা
to sell = বেচা
to smile/laugh = হাসা
to cry = কাঁদা

Ending in -ওয়া:
to give = দেওয়া
to take = নেওয়া
to lie (as in lie down) = শোওয়া
to go = যাওয়া
to eat = খাওয়া
to drink = খাওয়া
to touch = ছোঁয়া
to taste = স্বাদ নেওয়া
to want = চাওয়া
to get = পাওয়া

Ending in -আনো:
to make = বানানো
to lift = উঠানো
to put sth. down = নামানো
to sleep = ঘুমানো
to stand = দাঁড়ানো
to run = দৌড়ানো
to jump = লাফানো
to swim = সাঁতরানো

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