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So let's see if you have correctly found the roots of the Action words using the techniques I gave above. Match your attempts with the solutions given below. The following are all the correct roots for all the Action words I have given so far.

Group 1 (ending with আ): কর, থাক, ছোঁড়, ধর, টান, ঠেল, তোল, জাগ, উঠ, বস, আস, হাঁট, নাম, পড়, ওড়, পর, রাঁধ, দেখ, শোঁক, শোন, বল, পড়, লেখ, মার, কাট, বাছ, চাখ, খোঁজ, বাঁচ, মর, কেন, বেচ, হাস, কাঁদ

Group 2 (ending with ওয়া): দে, নে, শো, যা, খা, ছোঁ, স্বাদ নে, চা, পা

Group 3 (ending with নো): বানা, উঠা, নামা, ঘুমা, দাঁড়া, দৌড়া, লাফা, সাঁতরা

How did you do? Hopefully, it was easy.

Now, here's the fun part. Using only and only these Action word roots, you can actually say one-word sentences in Bangla! It just so happens that when you order someone subordinate to perform some action, you use the root of the Action word. Look at these examples:

Do (it)! = কর!
Throw (it)! = ছোঁড়!
Sit! = বস!
Give (it)! = দে!
Hold (it)! = ধর!
Run! = দৌড়া!


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