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But language isn't always about giving subordinates orders, is it? Remember what our original goal was. We wanted to make simple sentences by combining Who words and Action words. And in order to do that, we needed to find the root of an Action word, so that when we combine them with certain Who words, we can attach the appropriate ending to these roots. Let's get on with that.

The endings also change for two other things:
- when the action is being done (present, past, future)
- whether the action is completed, ongoing, or habitual.

For simplicity, let's build our simple sentences so that the action is being done in the present and the action is habitual. In this way, we can just focus on exactly how the nature of the Who word affects the ending that is to be attached to the Action word.

Let's start with a very simple Action word root: do = কর

I do = আমি করি; We do = আমরা করি
You (close) do = তুমি করো; You (close)(pl) do = তোমরা করো
You (honor) do = আপনি করেন; You (honor)(pl) do = আপনারা করেন
You (subord) do = তুই করিস; You (subord)(pl) do = তোরা করিস
He/She does = সে করে; They do = তারা করে
He/She (honor) does = তিনি করেন; They (honor) do = তাঁরা করেন

One thing to note here that the Action word forms don't change for singular and plural.

But they do change for the first person (I/we), second person(you) and third person (he/she/they) of the Who words.

Can you figure out which ending attaches to the Action word root for each kind of Who word?

For the first person, it's -ি (কর + ি = করি)
For the second person (regular), it's -ো (কর + ো = করো)
For the second person (honor), it's -েন (কর + েন = করেন)
For the second person (subordinate), it's -িস (কর + িস = করিস)
For the third person (regular), it's -ে (কর + ে = করে)
For the third person (honor), it's -েন (কর + েন = করেন)

The process of attaching different endings to Action word roots is called conjugation.

Above, I have shown you the conjugation for the Action word root কর.

There are a few other conjugation patterns for Action word roots. I am going to give them below and you will have to figure out how they are subtly different from each other.

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