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Default Secularism or Sharia, which is the solution?

This must be the hardest decision making of the governments of all countries. Saudi Arabia for example is one of the countries that has Shahriah law, but what does it really mean. It basically means following all the Muslim principles that applies to daily life for the people, it has affects on politics, economics, family and gender, the laws are mainly based from the Qur'an, the Hadith and many more. This law also does not allow freedom of speech in any sort of way, and has great affect on women's every day life, for example they are to wear full headscarf and cannot go out without permission or to mix with males, many countries see this as a violation of human rights and democracy and a few countries have this.
Secularism, is basically seperating religion from all aspects of life, these include in politics generally and daily life, making a country non-religious, for example Turkey does not allow religion to be discussed in politics and headscarfs are not allowed to be worn in schools or universities. But is this the best solution for a country, in Turkey secular laws have made Turkey a developed country making dramatic progress to the economy, so it shows there may be some advantages to this law that will make countries get rid of poverty, but is this the right solution for a country? :

1. It will bring down corruption in the country
2. Make people come towards the religion
3. It can be a solution for poverty
But are these the best solution for a country like Bangladesh, where it under poverty, huge amounts of corruption in violence and politics, will it be a solution?

Please discuss the matters and benefits that each laws will bring to a country, will it benefit a country, Bangladesh is neither a secular or does it have Sharia law, this allows people to have freedom of speech of whether they want to practice or not, but this has led to corruption and poverty to the country, so what can countries like these can do?

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