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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
I am curious on what evidence did you base these conclusions that Sharia law would-

I just cannot agree with the fallacy of this logic that shariah law would somehow bring down corruption. Having Shariah law would simply give the corrupt and powerful people a reason to manipulate religion instead of democracy. We could lose whatever human rights and freedom of speech we have in the process, and our country become a breeding ground for extremism. The fault does not lie with secularism or democracy, it lies with application, which have failed to do since the birth of our nation. We should work harder towards that goal, and think of ways to achieve it, not ways to change.
Oh sorry about that my mistake, Sharia law stedies economic development like Saudi for example, although it has the rich oil it has not developed really well, because if they do become developed just like the western world, there is a strong possibility that it will become corrupt by all the money and western influences actually. Thanks for pointing that out.
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