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One notable common misconception about secularism is to think secularism as absence of religion. But to be honest, secularism doesn’t necessarily means atheism; rather it imposes an equal opportunity and free society where state system would not get into way of people’s freedom of performing their own religion and would not tag someone as minority or majority or would not declare one as official religion while the others are not.

Corruption has no correlation with either secular or sharia law. Just look at the politicians all over the world (especially in Indian subcontinent), typically they are more religious than average people, yet they are more corrupted. How many times the politicians go to hajj or go to mandir comparing to the normal people?

Clearly the solution lies on implementing a secular state system which ensures free flow of information (so people get to know what is going on, no colonial hush-hush policy), freedom of speech restored, independent judicial system to try the corrupted segment of the society (corruption will remain forever, but steps are necessary to punish them), ruled by modern and up to date laws that can be changed with time (not by some thousand year old and unchangeable laws), and democratic environment where people get choose their liked one to govern.

পুরান পাগল ভাত পায় না, আবার নতুন পাগলের আমদানি... সুখ নাই ৱে পাগল!

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